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Created on 2013-09-20 10:29:29 (#2082643), last updated 2014-12-27 (146 weeks ago)

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Name:Crafts for Kids
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A community of crafting ideas suitable for kids
Lots of us have children or work with children of varying ages. This is a place to share crafting ideas of things you've tried that have worked and that others might enjoy/find useful. We also accept requests for suggestions. The aim is come up with lots of ideas of things to do - any craft and any age - not just young children, ideas that appeal to teens are also more than welcome.

The only things we really don't want are rude behavior and sales pitches. If someone asks for help or suggestions of how to improve on something they've tried, please offer polite, constructive criticism. No Flaming, it's rude, unnecessary and hurtful and not what this community is here for. As for sales pitches, it's okay to tell us about a kit/resource as part of a general post about what you've been up to, it's okay to link to your own store as a small part of a post, but please don't come here just to sell your stuff. What we'd really like is cheap and cheerful ways to wile away rainy days or things we can make as gifts for other family members that will emphasize that gift-giving is about the thought put into it and the time taken over it, not the amount of money spent on it.

So the few general rules to help keep life simple and workable for all of us are :-

1. No Flaming or rude behavior.
2. No blatant Sales Pitches.
3. Only one picture above a cut - some people have limited bandwidth, let's not put them off joining our comm and let them choose which of the posted pictures are relevant to them. With the same thought in mind, limit above the cut pictures to a maximum size of 400 x 400. (This coding will do that for you < img src = "your image url here" height = "400" width = "400" > [removing all the extra spaces to make it work].
4. If your idea originally came from someone else's post/site/plan/pattern, please acknowledge that and provide a link if possible or a book title or whatever seems most appropriate.
5. If you decide to use a pattern included here by someone else, that's fine and encouraged, however, please do not sell this as your own work.
6. In your post give us as many clues as you can on how to do this ourselves, materials we'll need and age of children it's most appropriate for - any extra help we can get will always be appreciated.
7. A mod will tag your posts for you, so don't worry about that. At the moment posts are unmoderated for members, I hope to keep it that way - the only thing that will change my mind is rude and offensive behavior or sales spam.
8. If you wish to promote another community, please check with the mod first. On the whole the answer is likely to be yes.

(Rules have been cobbled together and personalized based on ideas I saw on crafting communities I saw on LJ - geek_craft and handmade_gifts)
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